Sonoma State Proctoring Fee Payment Form

Online Fee Payment

SSU Proctoring Services charges a flat rate of $25 dollars for proctoring exams.
A $10 dollar rate applies for SSU Faculty desiring make-up exams for SSU Students.

The SSU Proctoring Fee is waived for the following groups.
-SSU Students and non-SSU Students Active Military
-Sonoma State EOP Students

Proof of category must be provide before or at the day of exam.

For our $25 dollar Proctoring Fee payment:
1. Create an online Payment Profile with User Name and Password.
2. Pay online with Credit/Debit Card for each session ahead of time or day of exam.
3. Bring receipt printout or show that on a smart device the day of exam.

$25 Dollar Online Payment Setup Link

SSU Professor Make-Up Exams
For those Professors and/or Instructors that wish to utilize the Proctoring Service from the Testing Center, a reduced fee of $10 will be charged to the student. One can either email the exam, drop it off at the Testing Center in International Hall 205 or use the Campus Mail to deliver it. If the exam is online in a platform, sometimes a password is all that may be required, etc. Then the student can contact the Testing Coordinator to set-up a time and date through the Proctor Request Form link.

$10 Dollar Online Payment Setup Link

-Contact Testing Coordinator as exam approaches to make sure session is in order.
-In some cases cash payment for the exact amount is allowed with receipt provided.
-Contact Testing Coordinator with questions about the Proctoring Fee payment process.

Luis Vega
Testing Coordinator
International Hall 205